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Whip Records is located in sunny Berkeley, California just 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco.

We offer a convenient peaceful location with plenty of free parking and a pleasant working environment.

We provide all aspects of the recording process - recording, mixing and mastering and can take your project from its beginning to the final CD master.

Whip's modern facility was designed with the artist's comfort in mind. Though intimate, the facility can easily accommodate a variety of groups allowing musicians to record live while simultaneously achieving excellent isolation between instruments for the purposes of mixing and overdubbing.

The studio has a spacious control room, a live room, isolation booth and a drum room with full visual contact between musicians and engineer.

In addition to a visually pleasing and a superior acoustically designed space, Whip Records offers other amenities such as independent temperature control systems for each room, satellite mixing stations for an infinite number of headphone mixes controlled by the musicians, a beautiful landscaped garden and sitting area and a variety of restaurants and shops within close proximity.

Whip Records is also home to a meticulously maintained Steinway Grand piano model L. It is without doubt one of the finest recording pianos available in any Bay Area studio. In 2005 E-MU systems recorded every note of this exceptional instrument to provide the sounds for their critically acclaimed Platinum 88 Grand Piano Sample Library.

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All action parts including hammers, wippens, shanks and flanges have been recently replaced with the finest quality German made Steinway parts.

The action and keyboard have been carefully weighted and balanced for precision touch.The Steinway is currently tuned and voiced to concert specifications.  

Since opening in 2001 Whip Records has worked with a wide variety of artist such as: Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, the Kronos Quartet, Alex Degrassi and Kenny Neal as well as numerous corporate clients such as: Fox Sports, CBS and NPR to name just a few.

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Whip Records

Berkeley, California

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