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I have had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of amazing clients. Below are some of their comments about their time working at Whip Records.

"Hi David, I must tell you that the sessions we did with Lisa and then my own jazz sessions where inspired very much by you. The ease and calm with which you got every thing to sound and your collection of some of my favorite mics added to the vibe. You really know music and you are one of the best engineers that I've been in a studio with and I've worked with some great ones. I would love to come over and just play solo piano for like 3-4 hours and see what happens. I'll call soon and thanks for your great work."

- George Mesterhazy

"We eventually moved down to David Landon's Whip Records studio in North Berkeley off of Gilman. It's perfect. It's a beautifully outfitted studio tucked away in his backyard and we can work til midnight so we get way more work done. "

- Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows

"Whip Records is a great place to work- good acoustics and David is fast,efficient and easy to work with"

- Alex Degrassi, Windham Hill artist

I have done many recording projects in the Bay Area, New York, and LA and in my opinion, the product that David Landon (owner/engineer/musician) produces from his studio is on par with any of the studios in which I have worked. Top shelf gear, professional engineering and production, and one of the best (if not THE best) pianos in the Bay Area make for a tremendous sound. I highly recommend this studio for any size project. 

-Kelly Park

"Thanks David for making this less painful in the 11th hour; for providing such professional services, and a beautiful place to be comfortable and sing well. You helped Alex and I bring this project home.
I will sing your praises far and wide!"

-Alisa Fineman

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