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Console and Monitoring

Whip Records is home to a one of a kind, custom built MANLEY 24 channel mixer with stereo tube bus output and 16 channels of Manley mic Pres. This mixer gives the punch, depth and sonic imaging one can only achieve with a Class A mixer. This mixer will stand it’s own sonically with any API, Neve or SSL mixer. It must be heard to be believed!


-Genelec 1030 a Monitors 

-Event 20/20 monitors 

-HHB Circle 5 Powered Monitors 

-Auratone Monitors 


Two separate headphone systems: 

-Furman HR6, which allows each musician to create their own personal headphone mix.

-Pro CO HJ-4P Headphone Boxes








Whip Records boasts one the finest microphone collections of any bay area recording studio, with microphones from Neumann, AKG, Royer, Senheiser,DPA, Schoeps  and others. Please contact the studio to request the list of microphones available for your project.









Outboard Gear

Whip Records boast an amazing collection of mic pres, compressors, eqs and other outboard processors from Manley, Avalon, Millenia, Vintech, Urei, Earthworks, Focusrite and others. Please contact the studio for a current full list of our outboard gear.



          The Steinway Piano


Whip Records is home to a meticulously maintained Steinway Grand piano model L. It is without doubt one of the finest recording pianos available in any Bay Area studio. In 2005 E-MU systems recorded every note of this exceptional instrument to provide the sounds for their critically acclaimed Platinum 88 Grand Piano Sample Library.

         All action parts including hammers, wippens, shanks and flanges have been replaced with the finest quality German made Steinway parts. In 2020 all bass strings were replaced with the finest quality Steinway bass strings. The action and keyboard have been carefully weighted and balanced for precision touch.The Steinway is currently tuned and voiced to concert specifications.

Steinway Close Up.jpg
EMU Platinum 88.jpg



At Whip Records we have an extensive variety of guitars,amps,pedlas and other instruments available for use on your next project. Below is a partial list. If there is something you need but don't see here  JUST ASK!



Fender Super Reverb

 Fender Champ

 Fender Princeton Reverb

Fender Vibrolux Reverb

 Carr Rambler

GK MB Fusion 500 Bass Amp


 Gibson ES335 

Gibson Les Paul Standard

Fender Telecaster

Fender Stratocaster

Musicman Stingray Bass

 Martin D12-20

 Darren Hippner Bouchet Classical



DW all maple kit

22" kick

10",12",14", 16" toms

Zildjiian Custom A cymballs

Zildjiian mastersound high hats

DW 900 drum hardware

DW 5000 kick pedal

DW Drums 4.jpg
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